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10 Surreal Places To Visit (Before You Die)

10 Surreal Places To  Visit Before You Die   Welcome To Informative World!! Die Trolltunga Scandinavian nation shaped ten,000 years past Trolltunga may be a in style destination for brave hikers it's one,100 meters on top of water level and hovers 700 meters over Ringa dolls vetnet Lake there is no railing to trim back from its natural beauty and then so much there are no hiking fatalities Lake Hillier. Australia Lake Hillier may be a saline lake in Western Australia that spans 600 meters long and 250 meters wide the colour of the water is permanent and doesn't modification even once taken from the lake itself the explanation for the pink hue has not been discovered however it's speculated that it's because of protoctist. Menden hall ice caves Last Frontier the ice caves area unit placed below the twelve mile long. ice mass|Mendenhall Glacier|Great Mendenhall Glacier|Piedmont glacier|Piedmont type of glacier} placed close to capital of Alaska they're solely accessib