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Samsung Galaxy A52 Vs Samsung Galaxy A51 (Full Specification Comparison)

Samsung Galaxy A52 Vs Samsung Galaxy A51 In this blog ,I am going to compare the Samsung  galaxy a52 with the  Samsung  galaxy ae51,                                                                     Hope you'll find this Blog helpful and  if you find any mistake in the video  make sure to comment down below  I'll  finish recommend so everyone find the  right information they are looking for  W eight:  a52 has 187 gram while the a51  has 172 gram  protection the a52 uses gorilla glass 3  on front  which is same in the galaxy a51. Sim slot the galaxy a52 has dual sim  slot  which is also same in the galaxy a51   IP rating the a52 and a51 both have no  IP  rating for water and dust resistant  display type the a52 has the super   Amoled  display which is same for the a51. Display size both the a52 and a51 has a  6.5 inch  displays  resolution the a52 and a51 both have  full HD plus resolution  display feature both have no hdr10  support  both have 60 hertz displays  415 ppi a52


iOS VS Android  Did You Ma Ch ? As of May 2019 the portion of the overall industry for telephone working frameworks is truly just a two pony  race - iOS and Android, with Android controlling a little more than 75% of the market and iOS  with just shy of 23%.  Kai OS and some others like Nokia's OS were next with a unimportant portion of the overall industry.  It's gotten a self evident truth that in this world there are Android fans and iOS fans,  also, individuals don't will in general move over to the opposite side.  We as a whole know people who might never surrender their iPhone for say, a Samsung, and we as a whole  know individuals who reveal to you iPhones are overrated and a greater amount of an extra than a need.  In any case, which working framework is actually the awesome?  That is the thing that we'll attempt to discover for you.  Before we get to the advantages and disadvantages of every framework we should initially examine the set of experiences  of these