5 Most Powerful Militaries In The World.

Most PowerFull Militaries In The World.

All around the world battlefields are constantly evolving the fight for control and power  no longer hinges on the size of a country's army but on their tactics technology financials and logistical capabilities as well and believe you me some countries have a lot more of these than others so taking all this into account it's time to find out which countries have the most formidable military forces in the world


During the second world war fascist controlled Germany saw no less than a staggering 17.3 million soldiers serve in its army air force and navy but after the country suffered its crushing defeat the winning allied powers placed limitations on Germany's military which was reduced down to a paltry 000 soldiers the country was then divided into the east and west and the west became a member of the NATO political and military alliance then under strict NATO edicts west Germany built up a military numbering 490 000 to help fight in the cold war eventually the east and the west sections were reunified in 1990 but reunification came at a cost the German armed forces were limited again to a maximum of just 370 000 personnel it's like NATO just couldn't make up its mind fortunately Germany has since adopted a strong antiwar attitude and today has a military made up of just 182 650 active duty personnel with 30 000 reserve members however their military defense budget of approximately 50 billion dollars gives them the sixth highest military spend in the world even though it's just 1.2 percent of the country's GDP clearly this isn't being frittered away on masses of manpower instead Germany focuses more on military research and weapon advancement something that helped them make great gains in the second world war they're in the process of developing a state-of-the-art semi-autonomous weapon system linking drones satellites and fighter and reconnaissance aircraft these will add to their moderately sized military arsenal which includes 712 aircraft 245 tanks and 4583 armored vehicles so even though Germany has been bound by military constraints for the best part of a century their smart investments have kept them.


 Germany wasn't the only country to be slapped with military limitations following the       second world war after see-sawing between winning and losing sides Italy's military was   also limited in size its royal army alone has seen 2.56 million soldiers serve but to   assure peace with the allied nations this was reduced to a mere 250 000 maximum   personnel but fast forward to today and Italy like Germany is now a key NATO ally its   privileged position in the Mediterranean region makes it a valuable strategic foothold for   the defense of NATO's southern flank to support this Italy now has approximately   175 000 active personnel making up their armed forces all powered by a modest military   budget of 18.1 billion dollars now compared to Germany's 50 billion dollars this may   not  sound like much but a large portion of this goes towards developing Italy's naval   capabilities which currently sports 249 assets including two aircraft carriers and   nine destroyers all up this means Italy has the 11th largest naval fleet in the world and   that's pretty important considering it has almost thousand seven hundred and fifty   miles of coastline on the Mediterranean sea without this seaborne defense Italy would be   vulnerable to attacks from volatile countries across the water like Syria or israel but   should those nations ever decide to attack Italy won't go down without a fight its land force has 200 tanks and nearly 7 000 armored vehicles which works out to roughly one vehicle for every 25 active troops on top of that they have 860 available aircraft with 99 fighters and38 transport vehicles this means they're  ready to mobilize troops by land air or sea all before you can say mamma mia.



Throughout history turkey has constantly been referred to as the army nation and with very good reason born out of a war of independence with the old ottoman empire turkey was declared a republic less than 100 years ago in 1923 but today they share several borders with volatile nations such as syria Iraq and Iran not exactly an enviable position to be in to ensure they can defend their own soil in the wake of any sudden conflict they've built up a massive military presence the country currently boasts an impressive 355 000 active troops with a further 380 000 reserves but how has turkey managed to attract so many recruits well technically they don't have to recruit their secret lies in conscription laws which state all males aged 20 to 41  must enroll into military service for a minimum of six months but they're not the only ones protecting their borders since 1952 turkey has been a proud and prominent member of NATO by establishing themselves as a valuable ally NATO created the allied land command to help defend turkey from any kind of attack with 12 strong allies behind it turkey grasped the opportunity to begin investing in military equipment today they have approximately 8 800 armored vehicles as well as 2 622 tanks to defend their 1750 miles of shared borders and with an intimidating 1055 military aircraft they also have the world's ninth largest air force at their finger tips but maintaining a military against unstable territories comes at a cost in 2020 the Turkish defense budget reached 19.7 billion dollars taking up a whopping 2.7 of the country's GDP it sounds like a lot but if you were neighbors with those volatile nations i reckon you'd want some serious financial firepower as well.


Now you might not think that brazil a country famous for its rainforests festivals and football would have a prolific military presence but what you may not know is that brazil was actually under a military dictatorship from 1964 to 1985. despite throwing the shackles of that oppressive regime off brazil still clings to the strength of its militarized past through its ex-army president bolsonaro under his reign brazil is amassed around 334 000 active personnel along with an immense 1.3 million reserve members although it's not just brazil's patriotic spirit making up the ranks of its soldiers but a strict conscription law  as well every male between the ages of 18 and 45 must enlist for roughly 10 to 12 months this explains why brazil has the sixth largest reserve force in the entire world but all that manpower is a huge drain on its financials the country's defense budget of 27.8 billion dollars is dominated by personnel expenses which makes up roughly 73 of its overall spend the little that's left over is earmarked for inactive military including payment of pensions as such the country has a small but even spread of equipment across its army navy and air force with 715 military aircraft and 437 tanks there's certainly a force to be reckoned with but with just126 transport aircraft and less than 2 000 armored vehicles all that manpower can't be transported in any kind of hurry it just goes to show that a country's military prowess relies on  much more than just masses of manpower


Egypt has long been regarded as one of the most advanced and modern countries in the middle east but it's not always had a strong militaristic reputation from 1947 to 1973 Egypt took on israel in five separate wars and astoundingly lost all of them fortunately under the guidance of the united states in 1979 both nations signed a peace treaty one which saw Egypt receive a huge amount of military and economic aid from the us but following a military coupon 2013 the u.s put a hold on all its military support this led  Egyptian president Abdul Fattah el-sisi to build a stronger set of armed forces through any means necessary he adjusted the country's conscription laws dictating all males aged 18 to 30 must complete one to three years of military service not only that but they must remain in the country's military reserve for up to nine years this has provided Egypt with approximately 440 000 active personnel along with a sizable 480 000 in reserves they make up the country's army navy air force and separate air defense force which specifically defends Egypt from air based attacks even though the military dictatorships been heavily criticized by many  countries the manpower it's produced has been essential in hunting down and fighting against terrorist groups in this nations such as the us have reaffirmed their support for Egypt and china even sold them several state-of-the-art  wing loom drones to aid in the fight against terrorism with this assistance Egypt's military equipment has been massively modernized they currently own a humongous4295 tanks 11 700 armored vehicles  and 1084 rocket projectors giving them the fourth largest land force in the world and with just over 1500 miles of coastline they've procured two mistral-class aircraft carriers to support their 303 dedicated fighter aircraft that's a whole lot of firepower and i thought Egypt's pyramids were huge.

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