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A ton has changed for the most extravagant individuals on the planet somewhat recently. In our past top 10 from September 2020, Elon Musk was distinctly on the fifth spot – ever 

from that point forward, he has figured out how to twofold his total assets to contend with Jeff Bezos for the best position.
Continue to peruse to discover who takes the crown! Great day, Kings! In this article we present you the most extravagant individuals on the planet as of the seventh of February in 2021. 

Remember that the right qualities can change each day as their organizations' stock costs vacillate.
Number 05, Mark Zuckerberg.

The CEO and administrator of Facebook sits at a current total assets of 102 billion US dollars, actually possessing a 15% stake in the gigantic organization that Facebook has become today. 

They have truly gone far since the time they opened up to the world in May 2012, expanding their stock cost from 38 to 268 US dollars.
The present Facebook isn't simply Facebook, yet an amazing online media realm that incorporates Instagram and WhatsApp. 

It's truly great how Mark Zuckerberg developed the organization from a little startup into one of the 10 greatest organizations on the planet by market capitalization! 

On the off chance that you need to find out about Zuckerberg's life, I can suggest the film The Social Network. 

It's very acceptable!

Number 04, Bernard Arnault.

The rather unknown Bernard Arnault is chairman and CEO of LVMH – which stands for Louis 
Vuitton Moet Hennessy – and is currently worth an impressive 113 billion US dollars.
Which also makes him the richest European and the richest non-American on the planet. 
Arnault has bought a majority stake in LVMH back in July 1988 and consistently improved 
the company through smart acquisitions.
Today, LVMH consists of more than 70 luxury brands! 
Some of these are liquor brands Belvedere vodka, Dom PĂ©rignon, Hennessy, Moet et Chandon, watch and jewelry brands Bulgari, Hublot, TAG Heuer and Tiffany, clothes brands Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and more.
If you like luxury items, you probably own something from at least one of these brands!

Number 03, Bill Gates.

At his current net worth of 135 billion US dollars, Bill gates is pretty far away from 
the number 1 spot, even though he had been the richest person in the world for years. 

You probably already knew it, but the main reason for Gates’s wealth is that he was 
the main founder of Microsoft! Today, Bill Gates only owns 1% in Microsoft.
He offered most of his offers to put resources into stocks and different resources and – in particular – to seek after charitable causes.

In spite of being known as an inhumane contender that could never offer a bit of leeway as CEO of Microsoft, he gave a sum of a day and a half US dollars starting at 2018.
Bill and his wife Melinda have probably saved millions of lives through the Bill and Melinda 
Gates Foundation!

Number 02, Jeff Bezos.

The second-most extravagant man on earth as of late reported that he is resigning from his job as CEO of Amazon to zero in on his different endeavors. 
Notwithstanding giving a fourth of his Amazon stake over to his significant other MacKenzie because of their separation in 2019, Jeff Bezos as of now has a mind blowing total assets of 195 billion US dollars
Still, this is not enough to be the richest person in the world! 
In addition to Amazon, Bezos was also one of the first investors in Google in 1998.
Furthermore, he invests into several healthcare companies – an example for this is Unity 
Biotechnology, which aims to slow down or even stop the process of aging – as well as the Washington Post and Blue Origin.
Blue Origin is Bezos’s answer to SpaceX, working to build reusable space shuttles. 
However, currently it seems like Blue Origin is significantly behind SpaceX. But that is not the only aspect in which Elon Musk beats his rival.

Number 01, Elon Musk.

Some might have predicted it years ago: The legendary Elon Musk has finally become the 
richest person in the world with his current net worth of 203 billion US dollars.
Aside from Tesla, Musk is also CEO and majority owner of SpaceX, Neuralink and The Boring 
He is also co-founder of OpenAI, which promotes friendly artificial intelligence. 
The biggest ace up his sleeve is SpaceX: Currently valued at 46 billion US dollars, Musk still owns a 54% stake in the company.
If SpaceX continues to reach their goals at the current pace, their valuation will quite 
literally be going to the moon – pun intended. The recent success of Tesla and SpaceX have opened the possibility for Elon Musk to become the world’s first trillionaire – which is extremely impressive, considering that Elon and his two companies were on the verge of bankruptcy in 2008.
During that time, Musk even sold his home and lived at a friend’s house to save every 
dollar to keep the two companies alive.
It’s great to see that it worked out, since the two companies have initiated a revolution 
in both, the automotive and the space industry! As you can see, a lot has changed among the richest people in the world.
Tesla’s recent success has doubled Elon Musk’s net worth, which catapulted him from 
the fifth to the number one spot within just a few months! The rise of Zhong Shanshan might be even more interesting.
While he was only worth 15 billion just in September 2020, the initial public offering 
of his two pharmaceutical companies almost immediately propelled his net worth to make 
him the richest Chinese and the richest person in Asia!

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