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This The One Of The Motivational Speech Of (Mufti Ismail Menk) :- 

Every one of us grows as the days pass Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala says Allah  it is Allah who took you out of the wombs of your mothers and you knew nothing when we were born did we suddenly come out to say Salaam alaykum I'm here because that what happened no
it didn't when we were born we didn't even make a noise besides crying at a certain stage it was just crying it's just the miracle of Issa oh Jesus may peace be upon him where when he was born he actually spoke in the Abdullah I am the worshipper of Allah and you know that that is mentioned in Surat Maryam we asked Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala a data to guide those who have the incorrect belief about Jesus may peace be upon him to that which is correct Ameen so when we were born we came to this world without really knowing how to speak there was no sound that was made beside that which did not make sense but do you know what a mother who is experienced would be able to differentiate between the cry of a child so the mother will say this crime is for hunger this cry is because
        the   child is perhaps waste this child this cry is because the child is tired and this cry I don't know I want it let's go to the doctor Subhan Allah so this was a gift of Allah and it still continues to be a gift but as we grew older we began to say a few words why because Allah puts women US development to a degree that he created us from weakness and slowly we worked up to the point of strength when we hit the peak in certain ways we start slowing
down once again and this brings us to another verse of the Quran where Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala  Allah says it is Allah who has created you in a condition of weakness and from that weakness he has brought you up to strength and after that strength he has then taken you down with two weakness and gray hair weakness and gray hair something amazing is when you are young and you are perhaps an infant you're weak you depend on people to do your things and the people around you do it happily the parents will take you to the doctors happily if you happen to be sick they will carry you they will lift you they will perhaps move you from point A to point B they will feed you they will change your lapis
everything happens happily and every day the one who did all this for you will keep on telling will keep on asking Allah Subhana hu WA Ta'ala oh Allah god this child of mine good health god this child long life let the child this and let the child that and do you know when you grow very old what might happen may Allah protect us all we become dependent on someone once again maybe it's the same child that we looked after when they was little kids and now when we are old they feel lazy to look after us so they say oh I took my dad to the hospital oh I've been holding my mother I carried my mother I bet I did this and I did that so many different things and at the end of the day in the heart one asks a question when is this going to end love what remembers they've got it I hope it doesn't happen to us but people have said you know what shaitaan  does come in and says you know how long am I going to carry on with this paralyzed mother of mine may Allah protect us all
so the issue the point I'm raising two things one is the lesson we have to learn from the verse obviously becausewe read it and two is the fact that we grow to a peak and after peak after a certain point we start dropping in certain ways when I say certain ways I mean
physically physically more than anything else and Subhan Allah it's a gift of Allah subhana wa 'Ta'ala that he has kept us so beautifully that as we're young and we growing we learn more every day that's a gift of Allah what does this mean you know when you go to school when you go to school Subhan Allah you learn right at the beginning a B C or a leaf
bat and so on when you get to the next year you build on what you learnt the first year and then the third year you build on what you learnt the second year so if you know 1+1 and you learnt that the answer is to that will help you right up to the end of your life it's
not like okay 1+1 was something we learned in grade 1 forget about it now now if someone asks you what 1+1 just tell them I don't know no it's not a silly question it is something that you will need to know all along so we develop and we grow and there is room
for improvement and everything we do we can do better so as a Muslim where do we start today we are talking to you mashallah mashallah the youth where do you start what can you do better in point number one your link with Allah Subhana a tan you can do better you can do better you can improve on your link with Allah I tell you why our driving force as muslimeen is the fact that we believe the others don't believe they do what they want their first point of improvement is perhaps how much money they can earn so that's the first point of improv improvement but without as muslimeen our first point of improvement is my link with a lot can be better every one of us myself included my link with Allah can be better do you read your file Salah if you on what time do you read your file Salah you can improve on the time if you don't read your file Salah oh that is something dangerous you have to do
something about it I tell you why belief makes us understand why we are in the world if I were to ask you why are you in this world what would you say let's see what you say din can some of the guys answer me why are you in this world
what is the reason everyone

     says to worship Allah Subhana hu Wa Ta'ala worship me and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam explained  -I have not created mankind or jinn kind except that they worship me
and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam explained what is this worship he
explained worship in a nutshell is to lead your life in such a way that all of it is preparation for the day you will meet with Allah that's what it is and so that's the meaning to worship Allah  would mean to lead your life in such a way that you are preparing in the best
possible way to meet with Allah so istigfar as part of ibadah  worshipping Allah alone is the primary item that we look at to do the acts of worship in accordance with what Muhammad
Sallalla Hu Alayhi Wasallam has taught in something of prime importance but what you need to know is from the point of birth right up to the point of death I must be conscious of the fact that I don't know when I'm going to die I have no clue this might be your last few moments it might be my last few moments I don't know so if I were to die now and say I meet with Allah what will I say I said you know what we were having fun I just went to school I learned I was about to qualify I was going to do this but then you took me away that's not good enough it's not a good enough answer he said you know what I was I really I was earning a salary and I heard so much and I got a promotion and then much more I bought a car in the house and I was so happy and I married the most pretty girl on the face of the globe and you know what we were about to have kids and then you took me away all these answers are material answers the proper answer is Allah whatever opportunity you gave me I seized it to develop a link with youforgive me wherever I have faulted I
 tried my best this is the link and this is why I say we can do better with our link with Allah because we don't know when we are going that's the difference a lot of people running behind materialism let me tell you your test is your test is whilst you are in the world look at what is happening to others and learn a lesson for yourself let me give you an example there are so many people out there they were born they look they died what did they achieve nothing absolutely nothing but the world says this person was very successful why because he was by the time he died he was the CEO of a multi-million dollar company while he did so well it is like let's be honest is that called doing world leaders were doing well in your life now what will happen to him he died he did not develop his link with Allah so Allah sends us to the world for an examination and then he takes us out once the examination is over he sends us in the world for an examination and he takes us out you are here and soon you will be out there are others who came in and they are housed there are some who are still waiting to come in and then they will come out short period of time listen carefully what I am saying is very very serious you have a short space of time to pass an examination and walk out you have a very short space of time to pass your
examination and to walk up what is the exam the exam is Allah has put obstacles in your part watch out be careful for them you know a lot of the youngsters like to play games I don't know do you know what is the PSP 3 and PSP 4 and so on I'm sure you're aware of it I see the smile to wish I'd say yes I know but anyway I know you know so you have all these games that you play when you play a game say for example it's a ordinary game that a person might be playing and say racing cars okay so as you're raising their obstacles they can never ever have a game that is just a straight road you just have to press the
accelerator and switch over to see who did the best there's no game like that that's boring they have to have bins and turns and potholes and obstacles and something to do with something else you must avoid hitting here and then you must go as fast as you can and you do this so that you can finish and you have protected yourself from the obstacles and you will at the finish line first am i right so say you were at the finishline number 10 what would you do let me see some of the youngsters know the answer yet if for example you play
the game for the first time and you finished off number 10 what what are you going to do start again exactly what I wanted to hear you're going to try again why because now you want to do a bit better a bit better so I tell you in life life is a test it's not a game it's
reality so Allah says look you die once there's no coming back there's no coming back but we do you a favor when you realize that you're coming out second and third there is something known as Toba turn back to us we will come we will let you come out first are you following the point but you remember you're like I say your life is touch you there will be obstacles it will be a beautiful car dangling in the front and you know what you've got half the money to end to buy the vehicle you don't have the other half now it is a test of Allah  are you going to do something how long to get that car number one number two is is that car your main focus in life very important is that car your main focus in life if it is you might achieve it then when you die what will happen then nobody's going to bury that Lamborghini with you in your grave to say wow big achievement the eighties baby this man that is not going to happen so understand that with the link with Allah subhana wa Ta'ala one of the most important things is to know that there are so many tests that i need to
understand stay away from Haram you know Zina or adultery is very easily
 committable depends the environment you staying in the winner is he who protects she who
protects himself or herself from it the reason is and when we talk of Zina for those who don't know the English the Arabic language you might be listening to us we're talking here of a  delta T for example it's just cited as an example so to stay away from it you would be protecting your wheels from hitting a pothole imagine you're driving and you are in this race and you see a huge pothole and you say let's see if this car can take it aren't you a fool
aren't your people because you know there are those big magnums you know those wheels alloy wheels they cannot take even the slightest of a bottle in my part of the world they call it buckling the wheel which means that room would actually get bent in such a way that you have to take all four out because you cannot have three that look the same and then one suddenly is a biscuit tire or it is something totally different no you change all of them oryou  repair the one if you can so the point being raised is when you see harm in your part consider it an opportunity to get closeness to Allah subhana hu
 wa Ta'ala by staying away so when you see something that you're not supposed to
look at to lower your gaze for the sake of Allah you should be happy to say i live but in my test here some kind of la turning force a life is so lazy and you just get up and you said you  know what no matter what I'm sitting and I'm not going to move until I get out of my bed and I go and read my Salah you say o Allah I thank you for helping me pass the test as cozy as the bed was because of the air conditional because of whatever else and as tired as I was I got up because of you this might be the last allotted fudges that I will ever read it could be and if you die you are such a happy person imagine Allah u Akbar so why we say you can do better.

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