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Today I'm sharing a protein-rich high fiber instant breakfast recipe for weight loss this 
gluten free quick and easy weight loss meal is a perfect breakfast for those with medical problems like thyroid PCOS and diabetes the high fiber and protein will assist with keeping you feel more full for a more extended time frame and in this manner helps in weight reduction.

 So let's get started with the recipe.
I have already roughly chopped 1 tomato, a small handful of (small) shallots, now if you're 
using big shallots you can use about 5 shallots or you can use 1/4 of an onion 1/2 of a medium-sized carrot which I have roughly chopped I'm adding all the roughly chopped vegetables into my chutney grinder and I'm going to grind this coarsely now on the off chance that you don't approach a chutney processor you can obviously grind every one of the fixings and add into the chilla hitter so I'm going to coarsely grind this so I palce this a couple of times and it is coarsely ground.
 Now if you want you can add green chillies into this but I prefer to add 
finely chopped green chillies into the besan battar into a large bowl I'm adding in 1/2 cup of Basen flour into this I'm adding in 1/4 TSP Kashmiri chilli powder Kashmir chili powder has less heat compared to ordinary chili powder so adjust Kashmiri chili powder to suit your taste, 1/2 TSP turmeric powder, 1/3 tsp ajwain.

now when you're adding ajwain just lightly crush and add the 
ajwain so that the flavors are released, 1/2 TSP freshly ground black pepper powder adding black pepper helps to absorb turmeric faster into your body, 1/2 TSP jeera also known as cumin seeds, 1/4 TSP hing also known as kayam in Malayalam for those who have digestive issues when consuming basen try not to omit ajwain, jeera and hing these three spices will help to balance your digestive issues so try not to omit it.

Presently add in the ground or coarsely ground vegetables. I have finely chopped 1 green chilli and I'm also finely chopping a handful of coriander leaves add the finely chopped coriander leaves and the green chilli. add in pink Himalayan salt as needed I'm measuring 1/2 cup of water and I'm adding half of the water first and mixing the batter this is a very quick and easy breakfast which I make often especially when I don't have any dosa or idli batter so I've added 1/4 cup of water and I'm adding in another tablespoon of water I'm adding an another tablespoon water so altogether 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp water.
Water amount will likewise rely upon the kind of Basen you're utilizing so and water as needs be so this is the consistency the player is neither too thick not very slender it's a pourable consistency.

I'm going to rested player for about a little while and afterward I'll begin making the chilla's. Heat a cast iron pan and the grease it with gingelly oil pourr one to two small ladder full of the basen chilla batter and spread it out as thinly as possible drizzle in 1 teaspoon wood pressed ground nut oil cover and let it cook on low flame after about a minute open the lid and carefully flip the cheela over now make sure your cast iron tawa is well-seasoned otherwise the besan chilla may stick to the tawa so make sure that you have seasoned it truly a long time prior to making this additionally note that, cooking in a cast-iron container helps in better particle assimilation so on the off chance that you have iron inadequacy frailty attempt to cook at any rate one of your feast in a cast iron cookware. after about brief flip it over and serve to a plate. rehash exactly the same thing with a rest or tea hitter and afterward spread it out sprinkle in 1 tsp wood squeezed ground nut oil cover and let it cook on a low fire and my speedy and simple high-protein sound and moment besan chilla is prepared to serve. so guys do try this instant besan chilla.

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