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so we're going to tell you the best way to transform water energy into music and play out any welding task effectively and there's a unique thing for every individual who's into cyberpunk style in addition to some delightful trippy marbles.
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Desktop 3D Hologram Printer

At last you can bring all your favorite heroes to life now
buzz lightyear master yoda or whoever you wish all you need is this innovative 3d hologram printer don't worry it's not rocket science you only have to find either a set of perspective images or a suitable video there is plenty of software that lets you capture and edit such images the printer uses a laser light to put your hologram on the special film that's basically it now you can turn the film and look at your new friend from various angles
and there's also a bunch of additional accessories you might get including the hologram display or the special rail that allows you to capture 3d images right on your smartphone camera you can make a hologram out of anything. 

3D Puzzle 

The best diy models are those that are fun to assemble and even more exciting to use for instance this kit by national geographic allows you to build three fully functional weapons a
ballista cannon and catapult the precision cut wooden pieces are provided with clear
instructions it takes up to three hours to assemble each model 18 paper targets are included in the package so you can safely practice your shooting skills or you might build a gorgeous retro film projector
this one is a bit harder taking up to eight hours to fully assemble since it's fully mechanical you won't need any batteries just install the film in the special compartment and rotate the crank the old-fashioned way  finally check out this wooden owl clock
aside from just showing the time it also acts as a timer it can be set on the back with a 30 minute max time the pendulum escapement mechanism adds up to this pure mechanical beauty. 

Iron Neck Training Device 

Are you suffering from neck pain want to develop strong neck muscles there's a special training gadget for that thanks to the adjustable head strap and front pads of various sizes this thing feels really comfortable no matter your head size plus there's an inflatable piece that ensures even tighter fit the moment you put the gadget on and attach it to the resistance band it creates horizontal tension this mechanism engages various muscles not just your neck but also the glutes lower back and others there's a wide range of exercises developed specifically for this equipment they are equally useful both for professional athletes and us mere amateurs aside from all those useful gadgets 

Galaxy Marbles 

You might also need something beautiful to stare at so these handmade marbles are certainly worth your attention each of the little balls contains its own small universe inside it might be either a stunning vortex or an actual model of a far away galaxy of course it's just a 3d optical illusion that creates the infinity effect but nonetheless
it looks awfully real the marbles are made of special laboratory gray glass that stands out with incredible clarity and the vibrant glittering colors you see inside aren't just paint
there's another type of metal coated glass that changes its color depending on the ambient light so every time you turn the marble or change the lighting the picture will be slightly different

The Little Torch Soldering Tool


This is that very powerful and easy to use soldering tool you've been looking
for the device is really compact which makes it perfect for small working areas
the torch runs on several types of gas choose whichever you want and most importantly this thing features several size tips so you can adjust it to every particular
task you'll get five different tips right out of the box after lighting the torch there's a couple of knobs that let you quickly adjust the flame intensity thanks to the long flexible hose nothing will be out of your reach plus the torch is incredibly lightweight you might also get some additionalaccessories for that perfect set the magnetic holder is definitely quite handy.

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