Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist (Part 2)

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Most people understand that our world is full of fantastic places. 
But certain locations are so striking and unique, they look like something from worlds beyond the reaches of the Milky Way. From rainbow mountains, to ice caves lifted straight out of a fairy tale, let's explore some places whose appearances are truly unbelievable.

Number 1, Tunnel of Love, Ukraine.

This three mile long stretch of industrial railway near Klevan, Ukraine is surrounded 
by arches of woodland greenery. A freight train runs through it three times daily, and occasional military transport trains pass through. The trains themselves are what keep the tunnel so well-trimmed, simply by moving through regularly. The tunnel was reportedly constructed during the Cold War, with trees being planted to conceal the transport of military hardware. While the tunnel is greenest and lushest during the spring and summer, views of the snow-covered branches during winter are just as awe-inspiring. The Tunnel of Love is a popular stop for couples, hence its name. But if you take the apple of your eye there, 
make sure you have an escape route ready 
if the train approaches, or
  they could end up 
as apple sauce instead. 

Number 2, Glass Beach, California.


With a history even more intriguing than its appearance, the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California, 
possesses a curious collection of unusual pebbles. From the early 1900s, several coastal areas around Fort Bragg were used as garbage dumps, a practice which continued until the late 60s. In the decades since, the biodegradable parts of the waste have slowly disappeared, leaving only the solid parts like glass and stoneware. For decades, waves have weathered the shards, which came from everything from beer bottles to windows, into round, smooth, colorful pieces. 
Tourists often take shards home, 
proving that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Number 3, Spotted Lake, Canada.


Northwest of Osoyoos, British Columbia, is a very unique body of water called Kliluk, 
or the Spotted Lake. This lake is rich in minerals like calcium, sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and traces of silver and titanium. In the summer, most of the water evaporates, forming between 300 and 400 colorful pools. Each pool contains a slightly different mixture of minerals which, alongside the rate of evaporation, determines the coloration. While it's technically possible to walk on the dry sections in summer, the lake's on private property and is considered sacred, so trespassing is frowned upon. 
But lucky for would-be-visitors, 
this unbelievable phenomenon can be spotted a mile away.

Number 4, Glow Worm Caves, New Zealand.

These glow  worm caves, found  throughout New Zealand, are like something out of a fantasy tale. 
The light-bringing glow worms are the larvae of the Arachnocampa luminosa, a species of gnat unique to New Zealand. The glow worms' tails are bioluminescent, meaning enzymes in their body react with other molecules to create light. They use this unique ability to gather food, as their prey is attracted to the light. Visitors can witness the spectacular view son guided boat rides through the caves 
for a taste of a mystical, alien world 
unlike anywhere else on earth.

Number 5, tulip fields, Netherlands.

In Holland, tulips  start blooming  from the middle of March till the beginning of May, and the Dutch 
take their iconic national plant very seriously. Incredible arrangements of color-coordinated tulip fields can be found throughout Holland, but the ultimate experience can be found in Keukenhof Gardens. These gardens are said to have 7 million bulbs of 800 varieties of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, and the plants are presented in incredibly striking ways. 
These glorious fields 
take already-striking  species of flowers and craft them into something truly unbelievable.

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