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Welcome to Informative World, Today in this Blog  we talk about The Smallest Cats !!
The smallest cats in the world who doesn't love cats one of the most adorable and independent 
animals in the world they're the perfect combination and elegance and beauty there are some cats that are so little they can give you an extra dose of tenderness in your life are you ready to meet them

  Lily put 


Lily put earned the title of the smallest cat in the world from the Guinness World Records in 
October 19 2013 surpassing fizz girl with ten years almost the maximum age of its brief its measurements were barely 5.25
  from the floor to which shoulders this little munchkin cat was born in California USA her owner Chris Val young who was a professional mascot trainer when she saw Lily put lost in  the streets at only two years old she decided to adopt her she says that this little pet suffered lots of moments that affected its life some were so strong like surviving the gestation process when she was having kittens and an earthquake added up to the constant mistreatments due to its size that's why  crystal assumed that this cat was unique and she'd do anything possible to show her so she decided to inscribe this cat in the Guinness world record through its website this made this can't pretty known and loved by many people that showed their love to this kitten through social media



 in 2014 the adorable side earned the title of the smallest domestic cat in   the world 
by the Guinness World Records she was 
born in Ontario Canada and is a munchkin 
when she was three years old this little 
cat measured only 5.35 inches  
the floor to which shoulders its owner as Sarah Langley 25 years old an amateur breeder of little cats a do size accomplishments she says that she never purposed to herself to have the smallest cat this because it could barely raise a few munchkin cats a year it was when one of her partners said that her pet was one of the smallest cats he had ever seen so Sarah got in touch with the record Guinness and sent a video of sigh near to was certified with her height that was measured three times by aveterinary a curious fact is that due toits little legs and a normal-sized body the waterloo's region register compares this little cat with the Dawson however although its short height and a wound in the eye this cat has the same energy of a normal sized one it can even jump really high but this doesn't mean that its owners don't leave it to its free 
will because she's very careful with and 
prefers having it inside her home

Mr. Peebles
This was a cat that when it was two years old it measured 6.1 inches tall in 19.2 inches long

this was because of a genetic 
malfunction that stopped its growing  a very early age it lived in the Boyne pasture veterinary hospital in Illinois after being adopted by the doctor Donna Sussman actually it exists a picture of Mr. Peebles in the hand of a person although there are rumors that this is a montage although if it has been accredited as one of the smallest cats in the world it doesn't have a register in the book of records the adorable kitten died in 2007 some fans say that this happened when it posed next to Leo the biggest cat in the world that apparently was so hungry it ate the poor Mr. Peebles in one bite what do you think   

 This little can't earn the title of the smalls cat in the world 
given by the Guinness World Records in November 2003 itsy-bitsy measured 3.75 inches tall and 15 inches in length when it was two years old itsy-bitsy spreed was a mix between Himalayan and Siamese and her owners were a couple from West Monroe Los Angeles this mix is really curious especially for the Himalayan cat which is a registered breed created by Harvard scientists boomkin makes a Siamese with a Persian cat the result was a cat with a peculiar hair which colors get darker in the extremities like legs and its tail this is one of the smallest dwarf cats registered until now with another nameless cat born in 1983


bitsy this little cat weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 6.5 inches in length 
it was born in Florida and its owner is Arya Lindsay who wanted her little cat to earn the title of the smallest cat in the world isn't it cute although it has a small size it is a healthy cat and her owner describes her as an active and playful cat it's so famous that it was even recorded for a reporting from the CNN channel where the public fell in love it is a mixed breed between a munchkin which is characterized for being little and a cat without pedigree this makes man it with a big head and a 
small body because it had the same 
mutated gene that small people have 

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