Number 1:- MAG BULB


This compact and handy device permits you to switch a bulb in one movement creating the replacement method abundant quicker and safer magazine bulb uses identical principle as magnetic adapters for charging devices a base wherever the magnetic body of water is screwed into the lamp whereas the opposite half is screwed into the bottom of the bulb permitting it to place them along in a very single movement because of the employment of metallic element magnets and bronze connectors the adapters give reliable contact and square measure fully safe it is price noting that the magnetic adapter is compatible with every type of lamps and luminaries the price of the device is $15

Number 2:- VORTEX

This machine recreates the physical sensations of the virtual environments throughout a computer game or a motion-picture show this is often attainable by making air currents of various intensity and temperature this enables the user of the machine to feel the cold heat or wind further as changes within the atmospheric condition of the virtual world due to its form and size vortex resembles a regular speaker you'll be able to connect it to any computer and install it on the table next to the monitor employing a distinctive technology vortex analyzers audio and video streaming in time period to simulate the proper environments you'll be able to obtain this fascinating device for 100 and twenty dollars.

Number 3:-  LUDA CASE


Externally this device is nearly just like a standard phone case the widget made from sturdy polycarbonate faithfully protects your smartphone from scratches and attainable injury from falling from a substantial weight on the rear of the box there square measure many mischievous components together with 3 knobs during a rotating disc within the middle a relief space and 3 metal balls square measure situated on the face of the rear panel for you to play along with your fingers additionally urban sprawl case has its own application that enhances the mischievous functions the worth of this widget is $20.

Number 4:- OX SIGHT

The creators of this convenience have shown that video game technologies will be used not just for diversion functions it's new development that relies on increased reality technology and laptop vision algorithms can facilitate visually impaired individuals navigate higher in area and live while not a wille or a seeing-eye dog ox sight can accommodates these specific characteristics of every user and improve visual signals increasing image distinction brightness and alternative parameters required to understand the encircling reality the developers haven't nevertheless unconcealed the worth of this innovative development.
Number 5:- QUARTZ

Unlike different reusable bottles on the market this one will maintain the temperature of the liquid and kill bacterium that accumulates within the instrumentation over time it uses a intrinsic ultraviolet source that kills all small organisms within the water to start out the cleanup mode merely press the button on the bottle cap when activation the lamp can light-weight for one minute and repeat the cleanup cycle each four hours you'll be able to recharge the device with a micro USB cable and when charging it can operate autonomously for up to a month due to the warmth insulated walls quartz works conjointly as a vacuum flask it preserves heat for twelve hours and cold throughout the day the quantity of the bottle is 525 milliliters and its price is $60.
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