Samsung Galaxy A52 Vs Samsung Galaxy A51 (Full Specification Comparison)

Samsung Galaxy A52 Vs Samsung Galaxy A51

In this blog ,I am going to compare the
Samsung galaxy a52 with the 
Samsung galaxy ae51,                                                             

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I'll finish recommend so everyone find the right information they are looking for Weight: a52 has 187 gram while the a51 has 172 gram protection the a52 uses gorilla glass 3 on front which is same in the galaxy a51.
Sim slot the galaxy a52 has dual sim 
slot which is also same in the galaxy a51
 IP rating the a52 and a51 both have no 
IP rating for water and dust resistant display type the a52 has the super  Amoled display which is same for the a51.
Display size both the a52 and a51 has a 
6.5 inch displays resolution the a52 and a51 both have full HD plus resolution display feature both have no hdr10 support both have 60 hertz displays 415 ppi a52 and 45 ppi  A51
Eighty seven point four percent screen of A52, 
eighty seven point four percent screen aA51, Four hundred eighteen it's brightness a52 which is same in a51.
Operating system the galaxy a52 
will come out with android 11 out of the box while a51 has the android 10 out of the box chip said the a52 has the QUALCOMM Snapdragon 750 g while the a51 has the Exynos 9611                        Cameras: Selfie cameras the a52 and a51 each have thirty two megapixel of selfie cameras and each will record 4k thirty frames per second on their selfie cameras rare cameras the a52 incorporates a quad camera setup on the rear sixty four megapixel of family lenses with f one.8 aperture twelve megapixel immoderate either two.2 aperture five megapixel macro with a two.4 version and five megapixel of death with a two.2 aperture on the opposite a51 has conjointly a quad camera setup on the rear forty eight megapixel of wide with a two.0 virtual twelve megapixel ultrawide we've got two.2 aperture and five to five megapixel of depth and macro we've got two.4 apertures recording on the rear cameras the a52 and a51 each record fourk thirty frames per second on their rear cameras.
Speakers the a52 and a51 both have 
single speakers 
headphone jack the ae52 and
a51 both have 3.5 mm headphone jack 
Sensor the a52 has the under display optical sensor and a51 has 
also the under display optical sensor
Battery the a52 has a 4500 milliamp hour battery while the 
a51 has 
4000mah battery fast charge both support 15 watt fast charge network the a52 support 5g while the a51 support 4g network price the ae 52 is expected to launch at 449 while a52 is available at the market right now at 269 rams two variants per a52 and a51 has 
three variants 
storage in storage 852 also has two variants while the a51 has three variants
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